Congo Government Reports Death of Ten Citizens Following An Air Strike at Sudanese University Campus

Congo Government Reports Death of Ten Citizens Following An Air Strike at Sudanese University Campus

It is with profound sorrow that the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo reports the tragic loss of ten of its citizens following an unprecedented air strike at a university campus in the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum, this past Sunday. The harrowing event has sent shockwaves of sadness and anger throughout the country and has generated widespread attention and concern internationally.

According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the news of the catastrophe at the International University of Africa has been met with grave consternation. The Ministry expressed deep dismay upon learning about the regrettable incident that resulted in the sudden and unexpected demise of its citizens, who were pursuing their academic ambitions on foreign soil.

Christophe Lutundula, the Minister heading the Foreign Affairs Ministry, delivered a stern statement revealing strong suspicions regarding the air strikes’ origin. The Minister indicated there is evidence to suggest that the aerial attacks, which directly affected an area populated by civilians and unarmed individuals, were perpetrated by the regular army. The air strikes resulted in a significant number of casualties, including foreign nationals, with several of our compatriots critically wounded.

Furthermore, Minister Lutundula urged the Sudanese authorities to elucidate the circumstances surrounding the incident promptly. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo is anxiously awaiting additional information that will shed light on this terrible occurrence and is committed to seeking justice for its fallen citizens.

The Sudanese capital, Khartoum, has become a volatile hotspot, witnessing heightened tension and relentless clashes between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) since 15th April. The escalating conflict has devastatingly trapped civilians, including foreign nationals, in the vicious crossfire, resulting in severe collateral damage.

In light of the air strike incident, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has issued an urgent appeal for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor. This measure is deemed crucial to expedite the safe evacuation of wounded citizens and others who remain stranded amidst the escalating violence in Khartoum.

The events unfolding in Khartoum serve as a stark reminder of the dire need for international collaboration and intervention in crisis situations. The world must come together in solidarity to prevent further loss of innocent lives and ensure the safe return of all affected parties to their respective home nations.

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