For the Girl Children Named “EBAS”, Happy Girl Child Day


Our dearest girls, today we celebrate the four of you with this poem and video. Never stop being you Emmy, Beryl, Ame and Sapphy.

We all love you girls and are so proud of the individuals you are becoming daily.

Our special thanks goes out to their tutors Ms Paulina Unung, Ms Nnenne Bassey, Mr Akinade Adedokun, Mr Gilead Amah and every other tutor who has helped them on this never ending journey of becoming.

To every other woman reading, you are appreciated and this poem is for you all.                         

To The Girl Child

Dreams Your Dreams Little One

We Are Standing All Around You

Your Fears And Trials Will Also Be Ours

You Will Walk With The Courage Of Woman Worldwide


We Will Speak When You Cannot

We Will Gather When You Are Still

We Are Here To Serve You Girl Child

You Will Grow Into A Woman

Girl Child Dream Your Dreams

We Will Carry Them With Our Song And Dance And Voice

You Are A Girl Child And We Surround You With Love


Whether We Are Seen Or Heard Or By Your Side,

We Are Here

The Circle Surrounds You Girl Child

Stand Tall

When You Fall, We Will Wait

When You Falter We Will Prod

You Are Supported By Millions

Always Know This, Always Remember

You Are A Girl Child, In The Time That Is Now

This Is A Blessing

Take This Into Your Heart


Girl Child, Stand Tall

Be Not Afraid Of Being Pretty, Smart, Powerful or Plain

You Are An Earthly Goddess

So Hard It Has Been For So Many

Let Us Walk Together


We Shall Tell Our Stories

You Will Hear Our Plight And Learn

Now Girl Child Go Forward

You Are Released From The Terrors Of The Night


Yours Is A Life Of Brightness

The Darkness Has Turned To Dawn

The Dreams You Hold Within Your Heart

Allow Them To Come Forward

They Have Been Nourished With The Water Of Life


Girl Child

Let Go And Know,

Your Elegant Spirit Is So Bright And Strong

Let Go And Know

Let Go And Know

Here are snippets from the kids and what they had to say..



A Happy Girl Child’s Day to every woman reading and everyone celebrating a woman in their life.

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