Four Tragically Starve to Death in Kenya While Fasting in Anticipation of Meeting Jesus

Four Tragically Starve to Death in Kenya While Fasting in Anticipation of Meeting Jesus

In an alarming and distressing incident, this past Thursday bore witness to the tragic discovery of four lifeless bodies, along with nearly a dozen individuals in dire need of medical attention, in the coastal region of Kilifi County, Kenya. The afflicted individuals were retrieved from a precarious situation as they anticipated the cataclysmic end of the world, which they believed to be imminent.

The victims, presumed to be congregants of the enigmatic Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s Good News International Church, Kenta, had been instructed to partake in a rigorous fast to stave off the impending “apocalyptic damnation,” according to law enforcement officials. During the daring rescue operation, authorities managed to save 11 individuals, six of whom were found to be severely emaciated and in critical condition.

Following preliminary investigations and reports suggesting that additional members of the congregation may still be stranded in the forest, police have announced that they will recommence the search and rescue efforts on Friday morning. In a further chilling development, a mass shallow grave was unearthed in Shakahola Forest, situated in Langobaya, Malindi. Unfortunately, the police were compelled to halt further inspection of the mass grave due to the antagonistic presence of local residents, suspected to be followers of the controversial spiritual leader.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie, a former contentious televangelist, has been under the scrutiny of detectives for allegedly propagating a perilous doctrine that encourages his devotees to starve themselves to death as a means of expediting their ascension to heaven. Despite being present at the scene of the crime when law enforcement officials arrived on Thursday evening, April 13, to rescue the victims from his expansive farm, the enigmatic pastor managed to evade arrest.

Currently, the self-proclaimed spiritual leader is out on police bail, following charges filed last month in connection to the tragic deaths of two children whose parents are among his fervent followers. This harrowing incident has left the community in shock, while authorities continue their efforts to unravel the truth behind the tragedy and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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