Nollywood Star, Stella Damasus Reveals She Found Out About Her Marriage Ending On YouTube

Nollywood Star, Stella Damasus Reveals She Found Out About Her Marriage Ending On YouTube

Stella Damasus, the iconic Nollywood actress, recently unveiled some distressing details about her third marriage’s demise. In a stunning disclosure, Damasus said she discovered her marriage had ended through YouTube, a revelation that has left fans and followers shocked and sympathetic.

The Nollywood veteran, renowned for her riveting performances and laudable contribution to the African cinema, shared this personal revelation during an intimate chat with her industry colleague, Tejubabyface. During the conversation, she revealed how she became aware of her marriage’s termination in an unexpected way, opening up a unique perspective on her personal life and illuminating the challenges faced by public figures in the digital age.

Stella Damasus explained, “The thing is that I am not here to apportion blame. To say he did this or that, I will not say that.” With grace and maturity, she refused to point fingers or accuse anyone, rather she took the high road in expressing her experience.

Her demeanor through this ordeal has underscored why she has become an iconic Nollywood actress. Not only does Damasus showcase her talent on the big screen, but she also exemplifies strength, dignity, and grace off-camera.

However, the way she found out about her marital status is quite a shocker. “A lot of things were said about me on YouTube because that is how I found out that my marriage had ended, on YouTube. I did not know that my marriage had ended.”

As the man in question was traveling abroad for an extended period, Stella was expecting his return. But things took an unexpected turn when her phone started buzzing with messages and links on YouTube. Confused and curious, she typed her name on the platform, only to find numerous videos revealing the end of her marriage.

Despite the heartbreak, Stella Damasus maintained her composure, standing as a beacon of resilience and fortitude. This event, which was deeply personal and painful, was made public in such a sudden and abrupt manner, yet she has managed to respond with courage and grace, reaffirming her iconic status in the Nollywood industry.

Indeed, the unexpected way Stella Damasus learned about her marriage’s end underscores the delicate balance between personal lives and public personas in our modern, digital world. As this event becomes a part of her narrative, the iconic Nollywood actress remains a source of inspiration to her fans, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, one can respond with dignity and strength.

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