12 hidden health benefits of bitter kola to the body

health benefits of bitter kola to the body
benefits of bitter kola to the body

bitter kola

Bitter kola is a fruit from the kola tree, the health benefits of bitter kola are many. Traditionally bitter kola is an important fruit in West Africa and has been recognized importance in many cultures.
Bitter kola contains up to 2 per cent of caffeine and tastes bitter when eaten fresh. However, when it gets dry, the bitterness would be lesser than when eaten fresh.
Even if bitter kola is bitter, the health benefit of bitter kola has overweight its bitterness. Here is why you should ignore the bitter Taste and add it to your diet.

 Benefits of bitter kola to the body

1. Bitter Kola Protect You Against Diabetes

It is no hidden thing anymore that bitter kola contains kolaviron a chemical that is found in bitter kola. Early studies have shown that kolaviron in bitter kola may help prevent hypoglycemia in people that have Type 2 diabetes.
Type 2 Diabetes is a condition that affects the body from processing sugar (glucose) and also the body of the type 2 diabetes patient cannot produce enough insulin. Symptoms the patience might show includes Uninating frequently, and hunger.

2. Bitter Kola helps You to reduce Inflammation

Bitter kola has been known to help reduce inflammation. Combating diseases like arthritis. Expert studies have shown it could be as a result of the high presence of potassium may be one of the contributing factors in bitter kola.
Except for fighting arthritis, bitter kola helps to fight halitosis popularly know as mouth odour.

3. Bitter kola help in fighting Infections

One of the health benefits of bitter kola is it serves as a remedy to treat infections like flu and halitosis. Also, a study conducted in 2018 reviewed that bitter cola can be used to treat bacteria, coughs, and other infections.
By just chewing the bitter kola fruit you can reap the health benefit of bitter kola, which help treat cough and other diseases. One of the fascinating things about the benefit of bitter kola is you can easily see results faster and effectively.

4. Bitter kola help in boosting Metabolism

It is no longer a secret, one of the benefits of bitter kola has been know to boost metabolism. Bitter kola helps in the increased rate of oxygen in the brain and concentration, except this bitter kola also helps in the quick healing of the wound. Due to the increased rate of oxygen and nutrients bitter kola provide.

5. Bitter kola helps in boosting the immune system

One of the health benefits of Bitter Kola is that it helps in boosting the immune system because of its high presence of antioxidants, with antioxidants present in your body it would help in creating a stronger immune system, help fight disease infection and help you stay healthy.

6. Bitter Kola help in the treatment of Malarial

Bitter Kola contains Kolaviron which help in the treatment of Malarial. Kolaviron has been known to contain antioxidants and anti inflammatory chemicals which process high anti malaria properties.

7. Bitter Kola help during Pregnancy

The health benefits of Bitter Kola during pregnancy is that it helps in fighting nausea and vomiting from pregnant women. Help in the circulation of blood and gives strength to pregnant women.

8. Helps in Weight Loss

It is no longer a hidden health benefits of Bitter Kola, if you want to lose weight Bitter Kola helps you to lose weight. It contains a hunger suppressant. This makes it possible for you to lose weight because to lose weight requires a little intake of food and a large intake of water for the body to get rid of fats and helps you stay healthy.

9. Bitter Kola can be used to prevent Poisoning

Bitter Kola along with its bark help in the detoxification of Poison during food Poisoning. Also, help to aid the gall bladder in cleaning.

10. Bitter Kola reduces Constipation

Bitter Kola aids in reducing constipation because it serves as dietary fibre in food and helps in a healthy digestive system.

11. Bitter Kola Helps in Prevention of Sleep

Bitter Kola has been used for a long time to prevent sleep because it contains caffeine which has been effective in preventing sleep.

12. Bitter Kola improve the lungs function

Bitter Kola help to improve the lugs function because of its presence of an antioxidant, that have been known to maintain a good respiratory system.

bitter kola plant

bitter kola plant

Even as Bitter Kola have a lot of benefits it still has its side effects:

1. Increase blood pressure

Reports have Sayed that patience suffering from hypertension should avoid taking bitter kola because it leads to the increment of blood pressure because Bitter Kola contains properties that increase the blood pressure in the body.

2. Bitter Kola can lead to insomnia

Due to its high presence of caffeine when taken you may find it very difficult to fall asleep. Caffeine increases your alertness making it more difficult for some people to fall asleep.

How to reap the health benefits of Bitter Kola

To reap the health benefits of Bitter Kola you can eat it uncooked like many other nuts. However, you can take drinks with bitter kola flavour if you do not like the Taste.

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