Labour Party Emerges Victorious at Okota Polling Unit in Lagos

Labour Party Emerges Victorious at Okota Polling Unit in Lagos

In the latest news from Nigeria’s political scene, the Labour Party Governorship candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has emerged victorious in PU 079 in Okota area of Lagos. The results from the polling unit indicate that Rhodes-Vivour garnered an impressive 71 votes, while the APC came in second place with 25 votes. The PDP and AA parties, on the other hand, managed to secure just 5 and 1 votes, respectively.

In addition to the Governorship election, the Labour Party also achieved success in the House of Assembly election, securing a whopping 71 votes. The APC came in second with 26 votes, while the AA party managed to secure just one vote. The number of accredited voters for the polling unit was 103.

However, despite the success of the Labour Party at PU 079, the counting and writing of the results were not without controversy. Reports indicate that a fracas broke out after the counting of the results, as INEC staff refused to upload the results as earlier promised by INEC. The INEC staff cited the lack of internet network on the BVAs machine as the reason for their inability to upload the results.

This development is particularly concerning, as it raises questions about the reliability and credibility of Nigeria’s electoral process. Given the history of electoral malpractice in Nigeria, it is crucial that INEC takes all necessary steps to ensure that the results of the elections are transparent and free from manipulation.

In conclusion, the victory of Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour and the Labour Party in PU 079 is a significant development in Nigeria’s political landscape. However, the controversy surrounding the uploading of the results underscores the need for INEC to address the shortcomings in the electoral process and ensure that the people’s voice is heard.

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has earlier said he will take legal actions over alleged vote suppression.


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