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Trading at the domestic bourse started the week on Monday still on negative mood, taking the bearish sentiment to six consecutive trading sessions.

The price depreciation was due to profit-taking sentiments in all the major sectors except the consumer goods and banking sectors.

Specifically, the All-Share Index shed 6.16 points or 0.02 per cent to close at 38,915.62 from 38,921.78 posted on Friday

Accordingly, month-to-date and year-to-date losses stood at 0.8 per cent and 3.4 per cent, respectively.

Similarly, the market capitalisation lost N3 billion to close at N20.275 trillion in contrast with N20.278 trillion recorded on Friday.

The market negative performance was driven by price depreciation in large and medium capitalised stocks, which are Guinness, Lafarge Africa, Oando, Fidson Healthcare and SCOA.

Analysts at United Capital anticipated some bargain hunting on some stocks that experienced selloffs in the previous week.

“In the medium term, we expect the market to remain choppy.

“Additionally, market participants will be watching the fixed income space closely amid a hike in stop rates at the recent Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTB) auction,” they said.

The market breadth closed negative with 20 losers, against 18 gainers.


SCOA led the losers’ chart by 10 per cent to close at N1.17 per share.

Academy Press followed with a decline of 7.69 per cent to close at 36k, while UACN Property Development Company was down by 6.21 per cent to close at N1.51 per share.

Associated Bus Company depreciated by 5.71 per cent to close at 33k, while Oando declined by 4.09 per cent to close at N4.45 per share.

On the other hand, Morison Industries dominated the gainers’ chart in percentage terms, gaining 9.38 per cent to close at N2.10 per share.

Sovereign Trust Insurance followed with a gain of eight per cent to close at 27k, while Linkage Assurance appreciated by 5.26 per cent to close at 60k per share.

Fidelity Bank went up by 4.35 per cent to close at N2.40, while International Breweries appreciated by 4.17 per cent to close at N5 per share.

Total volume traded appreciated by 30.11 per cent to 201.10 million shares worth N2.53 billion traded in 3,340 deals.

This was against a total of 154.56 million shares worth N2.27 billion traded in 3,467 deals on Friday.

Transactions in the shares of Universal Insurance topped the activity chart with 19.45 million shares valued at N3.89 million.

Fidelity Bank followed with 19.28 million shares worth N46.51 million, while FBN Holdings traded 16.68 million shares valued at N12.49 million.


Courteville Business Solutions traded 13.76 million shares valued at N3.87 million, while Access Bank sold 13.49 million shares worth N125.06 million. (NAN)

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How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

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How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria

If you want to travel to Canada from Nigeria or any other Africa country this article would guide you step by step on how to get visa to Canada From Nigeria. Canada has been the dream of a lot of people knowing How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria have been the need for a lot of people, whether you want to explore the beautiful cities of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver or want to study or work in Canada. This article would guide you on how to apply online and in person, read on to fully discover the process.


Several types of Visa are available for different individuals choice which are:
1. Student Visa.
2. Visitor visa.
3. Work Visa.

See the full list at the Canada official website here.

Visitor Visa: The visitor visa is categorized into 2, which are the single entry and the multiple entries. The single entry allows you to enter Canada once until the 6-month duration. This means you are not expected to leave the country before your 6-month duration expires or else you have to apply for another visitor visa.
The multiple entry visa allows you to enter and leave Canada as many times as you please.


The time duration for a Canada visa application from Nigeria to Canada is 207 days.
Furthermore many things may extend it this could be:
1. The type of Visa you are applying for.
2. The number of applications received from other applicants.
3. If the information you provided is completed.
4. If the information you provided can be verified.
5. The time taken for you to reply to the request seenr6 from the Visa office.
6. The time you take to upload and verify your biometry Information.
7. How long it take for your application to be sent from Nigeria to the Canada Government.


You can decide to apply in person or online, before deciding. Below are the reasons that How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria you should apply online:

1. No fees on couriers and mail delivery.
2. The application online may get more responses than in person.
3. Applying online would help avoid unnecessary delays.
4. If more details are to be submitted you can submit it online thereby saving time.
5. Get updates on your visa application online.

However, if you are applying online or in person they are steps you must follow:

1. You must gather the required documents.
2. You must pay the fee.
3. You must submit the application for approval either online or in person.



Applying for Canada Visa online is simple and easy to do:

1. Visit the official Canada website and select the menu option, click on immigration and citizenship and select visit.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

2. Move your cursor down and select services and information. Section the “apply for a visitor visa” option.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

3. once done select the apply button below.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method

4. You would be pointed to choose how you want to apply. Choose the online option and select the get instruction button.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 4

Before you begin your application, it is very important you read the instruction, so you know what you would be asked. When you are ready, scroll down and select the apply for a visitor visa button.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 5

Before proceeding you need to answer the queries below:

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 6

Select the second quarry below depending on your requests, select NO, if you have no application in process.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 8

After that, you can sign in or create an IRCC Account to start your application process.

How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria 2 easy method image 9

1. Before your application can be summited you need to pay the cost for the visa and submit your biometry information fees.


2. Upload your required documents.

Note: You need to submit all the requirements before you would be allowed to submit your application.



To apply in person you have to visit the VFS GLOBAL WEBSITE and click on the “Apply for a Visa” then click on the “Start now”.

They are 7 steps for easy application of the Canada Visa through the VFS global Website for an appointment:

Step 1: Identifying your Visa type

This is to make you find out the type of visa you need and how to apply for that type of visa.

Step 2: Begining your application process


To begin your application you have to download the application form and complete it. This can also be summited electronically.


Here is the link to the application form. Choose the right application form that matches your requirement, if you are going for a temporary Visa resident you should choose the IMM 5257. You are still required to print out the completed form along with 2 copies of the 2D barcode for How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria to be sucessful.



How to choose the right application form

To choose the right visa application form, download the form on the official website “application form

select the ” A form or checklist” option.

how to get visa to canada from nigeria image 7


scroll down and select the form that meet your requirements, if non, on the first page you can check the other page by clicking on the next button.

how to get visa to canada from nigeria image 9

select the IMM5257 option if you are going for “Application for a Temporary Resident Visa” and it would download automatically.

how to get visa to canada from nigeria image 11





Step 3: Schedule an appointment



You need to schedule an appointment so you can get your biometry information taken, and your photo at the visa application office. If you do not need to give biometry information and photo you still need to submit your application to the Visa application office. 


If you are not sure if you need to submit biometry information and photo, you can check it out on the Official Canada Website. 


To make an appointment at the application centre:


You can visit the VFS WEBSITE to book your appointment these following ways:


  1. Online: you can click the link to schedule an appointment.


  1. By calling: you have to call the helpline number of  VFS GLOBAL  2348150199900


  1. By Email messaging: you can send them a message at their email address to book an appointment.


  1. By web chat: you can click on the Chat now.


  1. In-person: you can also visit the visa centre application in person.


Step 4: Paying the required fees


They are two fees to be paid, Application and Biometric fees.



The fees can change at any time, and if your application is rejected no refund are given.


Step 5: Tracking your Application

An email would be sent, to keep you informed,  you an be able to get tracking information through SMS, sent directly to the number you provided,

You can be able to also get the tracking information on the VFS website or you can chat them up on the webchat, or call them on the phone on 2348150199900 or visit them at their office.

Step 6: Collecting Your Passport

After you have submitted your application process and a decision have been made, You are required to pick your Passport from the Visa application office, to collect your Passport in person that are some important documents  to bring with you:


  • A copy of your stamped biographic page passport (the page with your name, photograph, place of birth, and date)
  • Provide an original Visa Application Service Receipt issued by the Visa Application office
  • A form of government identification verification


To apply for your Canada Visitor Visa online in Nigeria:

Visit the official Canada website.

Create an account.

Complete your application online.


Pay the fees.

Submit your application.

To apply for your Canada Visitor Visa in person in Nigeria:

Get or download your documents

Complete your application process

Book an appointment (if biometrics and photo are required)

Pay the fees

Submit your application

Once you have your Visa, start your countdown to Canada!

Hope this article has helped you with How to get visa to Canada from Nigeria, Read also How to send money abroad in 6 easy ways

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