NAFDAC Issues Warning on Suspected Substandard Cough Syrup ‘Naturcold’ Linked to Child Deaths

NAFDAC Issues Warning on Suspected Substandard Cough Syrup 'Naturcold' Linked to Child Deaths

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has recently issued a public alert concerning a potentially dangerous and substandard cough syrup called ‘Naturcold.’ This cough syrup, allegedly manufactured by the Fraken Group, is suspected to have caused the tragic deaths of six children under the age of five in a health facility in Fundong, located in the North-West region of Cameroon.

The North-West Regional of Cameroon delegate for Public Health has reported that the young victims exhibited a decrease in kidney function after consuming the suspected substandard cough syrup. In light of these troubling events, NAFDAC has released a press statement on its website warning the public about the product.

According to NAFDAC, ‘Naturcold’ is not authorized for marketing in Cameroon and has been purchased from unauthorized sources. Despite the product not being in the NAFDAC database, the agency is urging importers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to exercise caution and vigilance within the supply chain in order to prevent the importation, distribution, sale, and use of substandard or contaminated syrups. NAFDAC emphasizes the importance of obtaining all medical products from authorized and licensed suppliers and advises individuals to carefully check products’ authenticity and physical condition.

Moreover, NAFDAC is imploring the public to refrain from purchasing medicinal products from unauthorized sources, such as roadside vendors and street hawkers. The agency highlights that counterfeit drugs are frequently smuggled into Nigeria from neighboring countries and distributed through these inappropriate channels.

NAFDAC advises anyone in possession of the aforementioned product to discontinue the sale or use and submit any remaining stock to the nearest NAFDAC office. Additionally, if you or someone you know has used ‘Naturcold’ or experienced any adverse reactions or events after using it, the agency recommends seeking immediate medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

In conclusion, the public must remain vigilant and cautious when purchasing and consuming medicinal products. Ensuring that these products are obtained from authorized sources and checking their authenticity can prevent potential harm and save lives.

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