Over 1,000 Families Displaced by Flash Floods in Kisumu, Kenya

Over 1,000 Families Displaced by Flash Floods in Kisumu

As the heavy rains continue to pour down in Kisumu, more than 1,000 families have been left without homes due to flash floods that have wreaked havoc across the region. These unfortunate events have left numerous individuals with no choice but to endure the cold nights outdoors, as their houses have been destroyed by the relentless waters.

Vincent Mboya, a local resident of Kabonyo Kanyagwal, recounted his personal experience with the devastation, stating that the floods had demolished his house and washed away crops worth tens of thousands of shillings. Mboya also revealed that over 50 families in the area have been forced to seek refuge at a nearby church, which is now overcrowded and poses a potential risk for waterborne disease outbreaks.

The situation is similarly grim in East Kolwa, where homes adjacent to the Auji and Nyamasaria rivers have been impacted as the rivers burst their banks. Otieno Kabisai, the area’s chief, described how the floodwaters have trapped many homes, making it nearly impossible for residents to access their properties. Kabisai strongly urged the affected individuals to relocate to safer grounds in order to minimize the risk of further loss of life as the rains persist.

John Oywa, Kisumu County’s Chief Officer in charge of Communication, confirmed that disaster management unit officers from the county government have been dispatched to the affected areas to evaluate the situation. According to Oywa, Kisumu East has experienced the most significant impact, with a staggering 725 families displaced. This is followed by Kabonyo Kanyagwal, Nyalenda B, and South West Kisumu, where 250, 50, and 30 families have been displaced, respectively.

In an effort to provide relief to the displaced families, the county government has procured food supplies, nets, and bedding materials. Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang Nyong’o is expected to distribute these essential items to the affected families on Wednesday.

As the rains show no signs of relenting, the people of Kisumu continue to grapple with the devastating consequences of these flash floods. The county government’s efforts to provide assistance to displaced families are crucial in mitigating the ongoing crisis, but the long-term effects of this natural disaster remain to be seen.

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