Nollywood Veteran, Iya Gbonkan, Receives Nearly N5 Million in Donations for Housing and Car Projects Following Social Media Appeal

Nollywood Veteran, Iya Gbonkan, Receives Nearly N5 Million in Donations for Housing and Car Projects Following Social Media Appeal

In an inspiring demonstration of solidarity and community spirit, veteran Nollywood actress, Magaret Bandele Olayinka, fondly referred to by her fans as Iya Gbonkan, has been the beneficiary of an outpouring of support, receiving almost N5 million in donations. These funds are meant to aid in her quest to accomplish two significant personal projects – the completion of her house and the acquisition of a new vehicle.

The initiation of this financial support campaign can be traced back to a moment that sparked widespread empathy online. Iya Gbonkan, in a heartfelt appeal, turned to the power of social media to convey her needs to the public. This viral plea, where she voiced her need for assistance to complete the renovation of her aging home and purchase a vehicle, resonated deeply within her fan base and the broader community.

It was Prophet Gabriel Agbala, a cleric, who was particularly moved by Iya Gbonkan’s appeal and decided to channel the public’s empathy into tangible assistance. Taking to his own social media platform, Gabriel chose to use his Facebook Live session on a Tuesday to rally his followers and the wider public. He encouraged all compassionate individuals worldwide to extend their helping hand and contribute towards Iya Gbonkan’s cause.

By the following day, Gabriel returned to Facebook to provide a detailed account of the contributions collected so far. He noted that a total of N4.1 million had been raised for Iya Gbonkan’s house, alongside donations for other benefactors, including N650,000 each for Mama Abeni Agbon and Mama Tamotiye. He also shared that an additional N500k had been set aside specifically for Iya Gbonkan’s new vehicle and affirmed that work on the car acquisition had already commenced in Oshogbo. Gabriel hinted at an upcoming visit, announcing, “We are coming by Friday, next week.”

Iya Gbonkan, moved by the generosity of her supporters, expressed her heartfelt appreciation in her native Yoruba language. Translated to English, her words carry the weight of her gratitude, “I’m thankful and I don’t have power; you are my backbone; you will not get tired. My matter will not get you tired, and you will not be indebted for the good thing you are doing for me. In the name of God, you will have enough to spend. You will not have pain, and in the name of God, you will not go blind.”

This saga exemplifies the power of collective action and the importance of community in supporting one another through challenging times. It stands as a testament to the warmth, compassion, and generosity inherent in our shared human experience.

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