NSCDC Arrests Three Suspects for Printing and Spending Fake Naira and Dollar Notes in Zamfara State

NSCDC Arrests Three Suspects for Printing and Spending Fake Naira and Dollar Notes in Zamfara State

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Zamfara State recently arrested three suspects, Kamalu Sani, Uzaifa Muazu, and Suleiman Yusuf, for allegedly printing and circulating fake Naira and Dollar notes. The arrest was made following a complaint by a commercial tricycle operator, Umar Nasir, who received a fake N1,000 note from one of the suspects, Kamalu Sani. Mr. Nasir raised the alarm, leading to the arrest of Kamalu Sani.

NSCDC spokesperson, Ikor Oche, revealed that the operatives of the NSCDC were able to trace the supplier of the fake naira and dollar notes to Kotorkoshi town, where Muazu Abdulkarim was identified as the prime suspect. Muazu Abdulkarim directed his son, Uzaifa Muazu, who had been involved in the illicit business with his father for three years, to go and open a box that contained the fake currency notes for onward supplies to suspects.

During the operation, N60,000 and $2,600 worth of fake notes were recovered from the suspects. One of the suspects, Kamalu Sani, confessed to using fake N1,000 notes for transactions within Tsafe and Gusau for the past year. He further revealed that he was introduced to the crime by one Ado Gurgu of the Tsafe Local Government Area, who took him to Muazu Abdulkarim of Kotorkoshi, the prime suspect who supplied them with the fake currency notes. Kamalu also confessed to doing illegal business with his friend, Suleiman Yusuf, and revealed that he used to pay N400 for every fake N1,000 note he collected from the prime suspect, Abdulkarim.

The NSCDC has urged residents of the state to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the security agencies. They also warned those involved in such illegal activities to desist from it, as the security agencies are on high alert and will not hesitate to bring perpetrators to book.

This recent arrest highlights the need for increased security measures to prevent the circulation of fake currency notes in Nigeria. The NSCDC and other security agencies in the country must work together to tackle this issue and ensure that those involved in the production and circulation of counterfeit notes are apprehended and brought to justice.

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