Nollywood Star Ini Edo Debunks Affair Rumors with Empress Njamah’s Ex, George Wade

Nollywood Star Ini Edo Debunks Affair Rumors with Empress Njamah's Ex, George Wade

Esteemed Nollywood actress Iniobong Edo Ekim, fondly known as Ini Edo, has vehemently denied the circulating rumors of an alleged affair with Empress Njamah’s former lover, George Wade. These speculations gained traction on social media after it was reported that Ini Edo’s video and international passport were found in Wade’s possession following his arrest by Liberian police.

In an attempt to quell these unfounded rumors, Ini Edo addressed the matter during an Instagram live session on Tuesday. She clarified that her interaction with Wade occurred when he reached out to her under the guise of a movie producer who was interested in casting her for a role in his film. During their conversation, Wade shifted the topic and began to propose a romantic relationship with the actress, which she firmly rejected.

Ini Edo expressed her frustration with the situation and urged people to stop spreading false information about her personal life. She shared her side of the story, saying, “Just turned on my phone, and I’m being bombarded with lots of accusations. I don’t know why people are dragging me into this web of lies.”

The actress went on to provide a more detailed account of her encounter with Wade, revealing that she had received a message from an unfamiliar foreign number sometime between August and November of last year. The individual on the other end of the line claimed to have obtained her contact information from a colleague and expressed interest in working with her on a film project.

Ini Edo’s strong denial of any romantic involvement with George Wade and her openness about the circumstances surrounding their interaction should serve as a reminder to the public that the private lives of celebrities should be respected. It is essential to refrain from spreading unfounded rumors and give these individuals the benefit of the doubt, just as we would expect for ourselves.

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