Police AIG Assures Voters Of Protection During Upcoming Elections

Police AIG assures voters of protection during upcoming elections

Voters in Katsina and Kaduna states can breathe a sigh of relief as Police AIG in charge of Zone-14, Abdulrahman Ahmed, has assured them that their votes in the forthcoming governorship and house of assembly elections will be highly protected. The AIG made the announcement at a press briefing in Katsina, stating that the briefing was to inform the public of the logistic reinforcement offered to the zone by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Usman Baba-Alkali.

Ahmed revealed that when he assumed office as the AIG Zone-14 for election duty, he discovered that the zone did not have even a single motorcycle, let alone vehicles. Upon that realization, he left for Abuja to meet the IGP and appealed to him to provide them with the means of transportation, arms and ammunition. The IGP immediately approved, and the zone received two patrol vehicles and a brand new Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) vehicle, equipped with all its capabilities for operations, enough arms and ammunition, and anti-riot equipment.

With these, the headquarters of the zone is now equipped to complement the efforts of the commands under it, and the AIG assured the people of the two states that the IGP is ready to give them the secure environment they need to exercise their franchise. Ahmed also assured the various political parties participating in the elections that there will be no preferred candidate and that everyone is equal before the police. He added that they would be given a level-playing ground to exercise their constitutional rights.

The AIG warned any would-be criminals to desist and change their criminal intent, as criminality does not pay. He also urged the people of Katsina and Kaduna states to abide by the law, just as they did during the presidential and national assembly elections. He stated that the police are very much ready to stop any act of vandalism before, during, and after the elections, and they are preparing the minds of the people and politicians.

Ahmed reiterated that the police must be seen to do justice to each and everyone, adding that they fear nobody except the creator, and they will discharge their duties without fear or favor. He challenged any politicians who cry wolf that the police are not fair to bring one single incident, and they will see what he will do. He disclosed that they are here for justice and fairness, and everyone is considered equal before them.

In conclusion, voters in Katsina and Kaduna states can rest assured that their votes will be highly protected, and they can go peacefully with their voter cards, vote for their preferred candidates and go away for 300 meters if they want to wait. The police are very much ready to ensure that the elections are peaceful, and any criminal activity will be dealt with according to the law. The Police AIG emphasized that they are here for justice and fairness, and everyone is equal before them

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