President-elect, Tinubu Thanks Nigerians for Electing Him as President, Considers It His Greatest Birthday Gift

President-elect, Tinubu Thanks Nigerians for Electing Him as President, Considers It His Greatest Birthday Gift

The governors of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have expressed their confidence in the President-elect, Asíwájú Bola Tinubu’s ability to lead the country. They praised Tinubu’s patriotism, nationalism, boldness, and courage, acknowledging that the majority of Nigerians recognize these traits as well. The Chairman of the APC Governors’ Forum and Governor of Kebbi state, Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, made the declaration in a message sent to Tinubu on the occasion of his 71st birthday.

In the message, the governors’ forum congratulated Tinubu on his birthday and expressed their admiration for him as a leader. They noted that his vision for Nigeria is resonating with the Nigerian people, and they are confident in his ability to lead the country. The statement read in part, “It is a befitting birthday tribute that you are Nigeria’s next President, and even while you are taking a much-needed time to reflect on all that needs to be done, your vision of a Nigeria that shall take its place of pride among the comity of nations is resonating with all.”

Tinubu expressed his gratitude for the goodwill expressed towards him on his 71st birthday, thanking Nigerians for their support. He stated that he sees his birthday as a time for deep reflection and gratitude for the opportunities and doors that God has opened for him. He also acknowledged the privilege he has been given as the President-elect and promised to fulfill his duty to the best of his ability.

Tinubu reiterated his commitment to rebuilding Nigeria and fulfilling the promises he made during his campaign. He stated that he is prepared for the task of creating a better Nigeria for every Nigerian, whether they voted for him or not. He promised to lead with determination and not to fail in his duty to the Nigerian people.

In conclusion, the governors’ forum and Tinubu expressed their dedication to the task of building a better Nigeria for all. They recognized the challenges ahead but promised to work together to bring about a brighter future for the country.

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