Swapo Youth League Disagrees with Supreme Court Ruling on Foreign Same-Sex Marriages, Urges Preservation of Namibian Culture

Swapo Youth League Disagrees with Supreme Court Ruling on Foreign Same-Sex Marriages, Urges Preservation of Namibian Culture

In a recent development, the Swapo Party Youth League has voiced its opposition to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, this verdict compels the government to recognize same-sex marriages officiated outside Namibia or conducted by foreign nationals within the country.

Ephraim Nekongo, the secretary of the Youth League, publicly acknowledged the court’s independence and authority to resolve legal issues. However, he also underscored that the court’s role is fundamentally to interpret and enforce the laws as they stand. In this context, he emphasized that the existing legislation of Namibia does not sanction the recognition of same-sex marriages. This scenario has given rise to skepticism regarding the alignment of the court’s verdict with the country’s legal framework.

Nekongo put forth the notion that the court’s decision has not taken into account the Namibian constitution or the collective will of the Namibian populace. He asserted that the judgment has compromised the cherished identity of Namibia and its inhabitants. According to him, the majority’s desires and the nation’s constitutional framework should be duly honored.

Nekongo expressed his disapproval of what he sees as an intrusive imposition of foreign cultures. He urged the government to display its sovereignty by illustrating that the future of Namibia is determined solely by its citizens. This sentiment stems from the sacrifices endured during their struggle for independence, and Nekongo believes it should continue to guide the nation’s decision-making process.

He further insisted that same-sex marriages and homosexuality do not align with the majority’s values in Namibia. Nekongo pointed out that such practices find no foundation in Namibian laws, both codified and unwritten.

He concluded with a powerful statement aimed at the Swapo party-led government, urging them not to be a silent accomplice in advancing what he calls “a demonic agenda of the dark forces.” According to Nekongo, these forces aim to destabilize the bedrock principles, cultural values, and moral fiber that uphold the social fabric of Namibia. He advocates for a strong stand against these forces to protect and preserve the functionality and integrity of the nation’s societal structures.

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