WAEC Nigeria Launches Digital Education Statistics Platform, Edustat

WAEC Nigeria Launches Digital Education Statistics Platform, Edustat

In an effort to improve access to information and statistics regarding its services, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Nigeria has launched a new educational statistics platform called Edustat. Speaking at the launch of the digital platform in partnership with Sidmach Technologies on Wednesday, the head of the national office of WAEC Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Areghan, noted that Edustat will remove the bottlenecks and delays associated with access to information about the body.

According to Mr. Areghan, stakeholders will no longer need to write to the body with inquiries as all information can now be accessed digitally anywhere in the world with a small fee. He went on to explain that the platform will provide access to quality data and insights in the educational sector, improving the quality of service delivery and generating more revenue for the Council.

The WAEC boss identified the lack of quality data as a major issue for many stakeholders, leading to inconsistencies and multiple data copies in education. He also pointed out that incorrect data and the absence of analytics have led to false facts, resulting in bad decision-making and loss of revenue in some cases. The launch of Edustat aims to solve these problems by addressing poor infrastructure and the manual process of assessing educational insights and statistics.

The new platform is expected to benefit different stakeholders such as students, parents, government, and even international organizations including not-for-profit institutions. Edustat provides a reliable platform that delivers educational insights collected from multiple sources and delivered in simplified graphs, summaries, and dashboards. This helps stakeholders enhance their decision-making processes by providing access to a comprehensive interactive web report.

The managing director of Sidmach Technologies, Nigeria, Mr. Chijioke Eze, assured WAEC of optimal and revolutionary services, stating that their partnership is focused on providing the best service that is up-to-date and revolutionary. He further emphasized that Sidmach is an authentic Nigerian company with indigenous expertise, working tirelessly to ensure that data is reliable, secure, and complies with global standards.

In conclusion, the launch of Edustat by WAEC Nigeria represents a major milestone in the educational sector, as it seeks to provide stakeholders with reliable data and insights to enhance decision-making processes. With the digital platform, stakeholders can access information from the body anytime and anywhere in the world, eliminating bottlenecks and delays associated with manual access to data. The platform is expected to improve the quality of service delivery and generate more revenue for the Council, while also benefiting students, parents, government, and international organizations.

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