Here is why you still need fat in your diet

It’s not good for your body to be deficient in fat, because it needs some fat in order to function properly. If you don’t consume enough fat, this can be reflected in your health and well-being.

Of course, we are talking about healthy fats, which are found in fish, eggs, olive oil, nuts and the like. Make sure that you treat yourself with a juicy avocado and supply your body with these vital substances!



Healthy fats are natural and of high quality. We recommend you to use coconut oil for salads and olive oil and macadamia oil for cooking. If you use butter, it should be, if possible, from organic origin. As often as possible serve on your plate small fish (anchovies, sardines, herring…) or large cold sea fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna). If you eat meat, buy from local farms, where the animals grazed on pastures. Products that are also rich in good fats are eggs (the yolk), avocados, nuts and bacon, but don’t overeat them. Fat can also be obtained from certain cheeses and cream. If you are intolerant to lactose, we recommend goat cheese and milk, which contains less lactose than cow’s milk and its products. In any case, avoid harmful trans fats, which are found in processed foods. Some countries have even banned them!


  1. You are always hungry. Or at least you feel this way – even when you eat a larger meal. The body requires more time to metabolize fat than carbohydrates, therefore, with foods rich in fat we are better satiated.

  2. Your skin is no longer vital as it used to. The skin is dull, flaky and unusually dry. You can also look old for your age. Healthy fats are essential for healthy skin; they help in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins from food, which help the skin retain moisture.

  3. You have irregular periods. The body needs healthy fats to regulate the hormones. If you are deficient in fats, it can cause disruption of the menstrual cycle. If you have irregular periods the reason may be fat deficiency, of course maybe the problem lies somewhere else and it is better in this case to visit a gynecologist.

  4. You cannot concentrate. If you are consciously avoiding fat you intake less calories. The consequence of this is that you are often hungry, and the concentration drops.

  5. You are anxious, maybe even a little depressed. The reason for this situation can be quite elsewhere, but it may be a sign of a lack of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). They can be found in fish, flax and chia seeds. If anxiety occurs overnight, regularly enjoy oily fish such as salmon, fresh tuna or sardines for two weeks. Observe if the situation has improved.

  6. You are sensitive to noise. If you panic when loud, when unexpected sound comes, the reason for this may be just lack of fat. The study, which was conducted by the American Psychological Association, has demonstrated that mice that eat enough omega-3 fatty acids, are not afraid of unexpected sounds – as opposed to those who lacked these fats.

  7. You are tired after 20 minutes of exercise. During physical activity the body first uses carbohydrates, however for further action it relies on the calories from fat. If this is not enough, you’re exhausted soon after the start of the physical activity.

  8. You have a bad memory. Many studies have shown that traditional Mediterranean diet, which includes fatty foods such as olive oil, nuts, fish, etc. improves memory. If your memory is bad lately, this may be a sign that you should include more fats in your diet.