Kenyan President Ruto’s ‘Marijuana’ Shirt Ignites Online Buzz and Calls for Legalization

Kenyan President Ruto's 'Marijuana' Shirt Ignites Online Buzz and Calls for Legalization

In an unexpected twist that has seized the internet’s attention, President William Ruto of Kenya has been the subject of heated discussions and viral trends, thanks to his choice of a distinctive shirt, decorated with a green leafy pattern that bears an uncanny resemblance to the marijuana symbol. This fashionable yet controversial “marijuana shirt” has opened up a Pandora’s box of rumor, speculation, and widespread debate among netizens.

The fashionable incident occurred during the launch of the Lamu County Commissioner’s Office in Mokowe, where President Ruto made an appearance in a beige shirt adorned with a pattern that closely mirrored the globally acknowledged marijuana leaf emblem. As the President exchanged pleasantries with Governor Issah Timamy and other high-ranking officials, the noticeable design on his shirt began to command an increasing amount of attention.

Ever since he stepped into the role of the Presidency, Ruto’s style choices have drawn a significant amount of attention, leading some to label him a “burgeoning fashionista.” Yet, it was this bold, perceived reference to marijuana that really turned heads and ignited conversations on various social media platforms.

Seemingly oblivious to the buzz created by his attire, President Ruto carried out his official duties, including the inauguration of offices, overseeing the Tana Delta Irrigation Project, and disbursing cheques to the local fishing community in Mokowe.

Not long after these events, the President’s social media team took to Twitter to share pictures from the day. Comments and reactions started flooding in almost instantly. The common refrain among many users was “Legalize It”, often accompanied by GIFs featuring the renowned rapper Snoop Dogg, a cultural icon closely associated with marijuana use.

The association with Snoop Dogg not only accentuated the design on the President’s shirt but also served to fuel the fire of speculation and intrigue surrounding Ruto’s wardrobe choice.

Twitter user @robi_chacha cheekily commented on the possible symbolism of the shirt, saying, “The prints on the shirt could be hinting at something? No? Okay!” Meanwhile, @Afrikankobra referenced George Wajackoyah, the popular Kenyan lawyer and former presidential candidate known for advocating for the legalization of marijuana or “Bangi,” tweeting, “When wajackoyah is your stylist!”

The marijuana leaf symbol, with its iconic serrated edges and the distinctive layout of seven leaflets, has evolved from its origins in marijuana culture to become a universally recognized emblem in pop culture.

Even if President Ruto’s attire choice was unintentional, it has sparked a widespread and humorous discourse across social media platforms, enabling Kenyans to participate in a bit of light-hearted banter.

To date, no official statement regarding the marijuana shirt or the considerable social media reaction it has stirred up has been issued from President Ruto’s office. His seemingly casual fashion choice has led to an unexpected dialogue, highlighting the power of clothing to convey messages and spark conversation – intentional or not.

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