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South African President explains new controversial minimum wage



South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, on Friday refuted criticism against the National Minimum Wage (NMW), saying “NMW is a firm and unassailable foundation” from which to advance the struggle for a living wage.

Ramaphosa said this at an event in Bloemfontein, Free State Province to mark the Freedom Day which falls on April 27.

“We must remember that the introduction of the national minimum wage will increase the income of more than six million working South Africans,” Ramaphosa.


The president was speaking two days after massive protests against the NMW took place across the country.

The government is pushing the NMW, which is 3,500 rand (about 292 dollars) per month or 20 rand (about 1.7 dollars) per hour.

But opponents say the NMW is slavery wages that cannot make both ends meet for the working class.

Ramaphosa said he had no objection to the view that the NMW “is not a living wage and, therefore, will not end income inequality.’’

But he noted that the NMW is agreed to by all social partners.

“A wage increase of that size and that extent is unprecedented in our history, and we must celebrate it,” Ramaphosa said.

The NMW “is like a great hill that we have climbed, but we dare not linger, because there are still many more hills to climb,’’ he said.

“Parliament is currently finalising legislation so that the NMW can be implemented for the first time in the country’s history, fulfilling a demand made at the Congress of the People in 1955,

“This is a great victory for the workers of this country and is a tribute to the social partners, who worked so hard to make it a reality,’’ Ramaphosa said.


Motherland News

Tunisian President Beji Essebsi hospitalised.



92-year-old Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi, has been hospitalised in a military hospital after suffering a “severe health crisis.”

This was disclosed by the presidency minutes ago.

More details available later,  as soon as they are realesd.

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Nigeria: Residents Cry For Help After Ilorin Flood



According to reports, the area experienced a heavy downpour around 4pm on Wednesday which lasted for about three hours.

One of the victims, Mr Femi Olaoye, whose house was taken over by flood, said he was helpless as the water entered his siting room and kitchen.

“I was bitter and sad as there is nothing I could do to stop the flood from entering my house. It was only me and my two children at home. I wept bitterly to witness such terrible occurrence.

“All my electronics were damaged beyond repair. Even the bedroom has turned to swimming pool. I am confused,” 

Another resident, Mr Yusuf Taiwo said the flood came as a nightmare to him as his furniture, bookshelf and electronics were destroyed by the flood.

“Even some vital documents that I placed on the floor in my room have been destroyed by the flood.

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